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At Technical Career Training Institute, get the skills you need to get into the fields of HVAC/R and Welding.


HVAC Program

At Technical Career Training Institute, we know that you don’t learn how to become an HVAC technician with just books alone. That’s why we have our students cut and assemble black pipe for gas lines, wire high- and low-voltage lines to the heating and cooling equipment – all with expert, professional instructors there to show you the way. Our modern workshop is set up with the same equipment you’ll encounter out in the field.

Welding Program

The school’s Welding Training Program provides training for entry level welding apprenticeship in the welding field, working with students to obtain skills needed to complete the required certifications for their welding careers. Students who enroll in the welding course acquire the skills and knowledge associated with a variety of welding techniques and practices. Students learn over the 287 clock hours to perform many types of welding positions such as 1F, 2F, 3F, and 4F. Students also learn techniques for 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G welding applications.


Our programs consist of a combination of theoretical and practical applications. Our exclusive training methods are based on a mechanical contractor’s point of view, which provides the technician with the expertise of knowing how to handle all instruments used in the fields of HVAC/R and Welding, including all mechanical and electrical troubleshooting areas.